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Senior Placement

     Aging Gracefully Senior Services is dedicated to assisting seniors in finding communities that will meet their increasing needs as they age.   From Independent Living to Continuing Care,  we have access to some of the best  residential  communities across Sonoma County. Let us help you with the transition from your home into a senior community.

     We know what each facility charges for the various levels of care,  plus the individual  charges  for  extra  services beyond the monthly rate. Examine your finances.  Monthly rates vary.  Determine  your  affordable  price  range  and  we  will  help  you  shop accordingly.

     Aging Gracefully  will  help  you  learn  about what's available in assisted living and senior living in the area of your choice.  We know what services are provided by the RCFE's  in  Sonoma  County.  Keep in mind that residences can vary greatly. We  shop for you. Finding a new home takes time.  Plan  ahead  and  visit  as many residences as possible. Make an appointment with our staff   for a tour of the available facilities.

     In most cases,  adult children or family  play  a major  role  in  helping  a  parent  or  loved one find the right home. Respect the interests,  needs,  and  wishes  of your  loved  one.   Although  many  assisted  living  communities offer a lifestyle that preserves autonomy  and  dignity,  moving  from  home  to  a  new  place  can  be a difficult transition.  We work with you to make plans and decisions that work best for you and your loved one.

     Aging Gracefully's  qualified and caring  staff will help you make educated and well-planned choices for your future home.  We know that those in transition need empathetic and thoughtful assistance  while they make one of the most  difficult  choices  of their lives. Working closely with you and your family, we can provide the solutions you need.


Aging Gracefully Senior Services

(707) 481-5177

Email: info@agss.us

 Aging Gracefully Senior Services